Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Recycled crafts:  organizing fabricsA new day and a new year.  Like everyone else, my thoughts turn toward goals and resolutions.  Getting organized is at the top of my list this year, so I turned to one of my favorite sites--Pinterest, of course--to see what others have done to reach this goal.

First up is an idea that has changed the way I look at my fabric--literally!

Cottage Mama uses fabric organizers to arrange her fabric.  There are several versions of the organizer out there--from diy with cardboard to the actual thing you have to (yikes!) spend money on.  I took the middle road and bought comic book cardboard, which is cardboard made to be placed in a bag with a comic book to keep it standing up straight on a shelf.  I can't remember where I found out about it--on Pinterest I'm sure.  :)

Next is an idea that has changed the way I think about cabinet doors.
Recycled crafts:  organizing the cabinets
Kelly, over at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking, actually made this pocket organizer!  I did mine the cheap and easy way and bought one at the dollar store.  It totally fit my bathroom sink cabinet door, and I wish I would have bought at least 10 more!

On to the next idea, which was a "duh" moment for me:
Recycled crafts:  organizing the makeup table
Brittany at decided to deck the inside of her bathroom cabinet with magnetic strips for bobby pins.  I am always scrounging around for those things in the morning!   

I am always seeing ways to use tension rods to organize, but this one from jengrantmorris  made me add them to my thrift store list.

Recycled crafts:  organizing the cabinets with tension rods
Finally, the BIG idea, courtesy of  This is at the top of my "big project" list, and I can't wait until I have a couple of days set aside to get it done.  Can you imagine the amount of space this will save?  I can, and I can also imagine being able to park my car in the garage again!
Recycled crafts:  organizing the garage

Recycled crafts:  organizing the cabinets

Until next time, have a great day and Happy New Year!

~Sister #2

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