Friday, November 16, 2012

Turkey Tutu

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Recycled crafts:  toddler tutu
Sweet little girl with Turkey Onesie and tutu.  From start to finish, two hours, tops!
A few weeks before Thanksgiving, right about the time I discovered Pinterest, I stumbled across the photo below and knew I had to make one (the outfit, not the baby, lol)! I love how it turned out.

Recycled crafts:  toddler tutu

How To:

  1. Turkey Pattern (see below)
  2. Onesie
  3. 1 yard each of orange, yellow and ivory tulle
  4. Ribbon and fabric scraps
  5. Wonder Under
  6. Optional:  Fabric paint, needle and thread or sewing machine
  7. The following tutorial:  How to Make a Tutu No Sew 

  1. Enlarge or reduce the pattern to fit the onesie
  2. Cut one body, one beak and six wings out of your chosen fabric.
  3. Follow the directions on the Wonder Under to apply the turkey to the onesie.
  4. Optional:  Use fabric paint to outline the turkey, or sew a zigzag stitch around the edges of each pattern piece.
  5. Watch and follow along with the video on making the tutu, using the tulle and ribbon
  6. Dress a cute baby in the outfit and bring on the smiles!

Recycled crafts:  toddler tutu:  turkey pattern

There are all kinds of tutus on Pinterest; many are on my mental "to do" list.
Here are some of my favorites:

Recycled crafts:  toddler tutu:  snowbaby

Until next time,
~Sister #2

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garden Table

 While dumpster diving one day I came across this broken outdoor table.  There's a little spot in my garden that's crying for attention, and I thought I might be able to fix the table--it was only broken in one place!  However, when I got it home I realized that that "one place" was a pretty important place--so I needed to rethink my idea.  It sat in my garage waiting for my inspiration.

That inspiration came in the form of an old stool I had finally decided to send to the curb.  It was a  VERY old stool.  In fact, when I turned it over I found that the stool had originally belonged to my daughter back when she thought she had to label everything as her own.  (Maybe 12-13ish?)

She is now married with a daughter of her own! 

Anyway, here is how the project went:

First I lowered the legs to give the table stability, and to fit the size I had in mind.
Next I gave both the chair and the table a couple of coats of this textured paint I already had on hand. 
I'm not in love with the color, but it will have to do for now.

Next, I plopped the top onto the stool and drilled holes here and there through the stool. 
I fed a strand of strong wire through the holes from the top.

Then I turned it over and gave the wire a few strong twists and cut off the ends. 
(I'm kinda bummed I didn't think to leave my daughter's name.)
I turned it back over and gave the whole thing another coat of paint.

And here it is in its new home, ready to show off a few plants or, with a couple of chairs,
serve as a child's table at an outdoor dinner.
 I'm loving that I have a table just the right size I was looking for, and it was free to boot!
Until next time,
Go Get Crafty, Sister!
 ~Sister #2

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