Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Perfect St. Paddy's Day Toddler Dress???

Did you ever have something in mind that you wanted to buy, but could never find it?  That's how it's been with finding the perfect toddler St. Patrick's day dress.  I had this image in my mind, and when I went to buy it, it couldn't be found.

Oh, some came close, but ultimately I knew I was going to have to break out the thinking cap, and the sewing machine, and make it myself.

Here are the three images I'm using as a guide:

Recycled crafts:  toddler and child tutu
Pin It This dress actually came the closest to what I want:  the color is perfect,
but I want the tutu to be part of the bodice, and I want a skirt underlay.  (It's also $119!)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Valentine's Day Printable (or "cuttable")

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Recycled crafts:  Keep calm Photoshop image
 I don't do a lot of Valentine decorating--one shelf and a wreath are  pretty much it.  But this year with the abundance of free printables online, I decided that I could do just one more thing.  But when I started shopping around, I couldn't find just the right thing--something red, of course, but something just a little bit quirky.  So after passing on some very good printables that would have been just fine, really, I decided to make my own.  I won't mention the amount of time it took to come up with this silly phrase, I will just say that my time would have been better spent polishing off one of my myriad other projects.  Still, I'm satisfied with the finished product--something red, and something a bit quirky.

I also made a cutting file.  I really like the idea of using paper I have on hand instead of ink, so whenever I can, I convert my images to cutting files to use with my Craft Robo.

Recycled crafts:  Keep calm Photoshop image
Click here to download a printable. 
Click here to download the cutting file.  Note:  this file is an Illustrator file.  
PDF to be posted soon.
Here are just a few of the others available online:

Recycled crafts:  printable valentine subway art

Recycled Craft: Printable Valentine's Day Art
Recycled Craft: Printable Valentine's Day Art
This one's extra special, because the it can be used for different purposes.  Go to the original blog to  see how.

Recycled crafts:  printable Valentine coffee cup wrap
This one's not a framable printable, but it's so cute!

Until next time,
~Sister #2
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