Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Valentine's Day Printable (or "cuttable")

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Recycled crafts:  Keep calm Photoshop image
 I don't do a lot of Valentine decorating--one shelf and a wreath are  pretty much it.  But this year with the abundance of free printables online, I decided that I could do just one more thing.  But when I started shopping around, I couldn't find just the right thing--something red, of course, but something just a little bit quirky.  So after passing on some very good printables that would have been just fine, really, I decided to make my own.  I won't mention the amount of time it took to come up with this silly phrase, I will just say that my time would have been better spent polishing off one of my myriad other projects.  Still, I'm satisfied with the finished product--something red, and something a bit quirky.

I also made a cutting file.  I really like the idea of using paper I have on hand instead of ink, so whenever I can, I convert my images to cutting files to use with my Craft Robo.

Recycled crafts:  Keep calm Photoshop image
Click here to download a printable. 
Click here to download the cutting file.  Note:  this file is an Illustrator file.  
PDF to be posted soon.
Here are just a few of the others available online:

Recycled crafts:  printable valentine subway art

Recycled Craft: Printable Valentine's Day Art
Recycled Craft: Printable Valentine's Day Art
This one's extra special, because the it can be used for different purposes.  Go to the original blog to  see how.

Recycled crafts:  printable Valentine coffee cup wrap
This one's not a framable printable, but it's so cute!

Until next time,
~Sister #2

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