Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinterest Party -Our 1st One Ever!

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Hosting the first ever Pinterest Party (at least for us) should be great fun! Lots of laughs, good company, and spirits are expected...oh yes and time spent creating RECYCLED MAGAZINE CROSSES. Each guest is asked to bring pre-rolled cores and rolls made of 1/2 magazine page rolled into a tight circle + folded pages to use for outside border/frame.

1 or 2 old magazines (8 x 10 or 11 x 14)
box cutter
*14 - 18 small cores
*5 large rolls of varying sizes
*1 large roll to form center of cross
*18-20 folded 1/2 pages to use for outside border/frame
clothes pins
rubber bands
Modge Podge
paint brush

STEP 1: Find 1 or 2 outdated, non-essential magazines (preferably taking up space in the restroom magazine basket). The magazines should have slick pages (avoid those with thicker, smaller pages like National Geographic). Once the magazines have been chosen, try to stick to this same size or magazines for the entire cross.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 1, finding the magazine

STEP 2: Remove one page from the magazine. (Actually, I took a box cutter and removed the entire binding from the magazines on my original one.)

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 2

STEP 3: Cut this page in half. You will work with half pages to create each of the cores.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 3

STEP 4: Using the half page, fold it in half (lengthwise).

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 4

STEP 5: Fold each side to the center.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 5

STEP 6: Repeat by folding each side into the center again.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 6

STEP 7: Be sure edges are flattened by running a ruler along them. Then use Elmer's or stick glue to seal the inner fold together.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 7

STEP 8: Fold the center together. Run a line of glue along one side of the folded paper.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 8

STEP 9: Begin at one end and roll the page along the folded side that has been glued; roll tightly.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 9

Until you reach the end of the page.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 9

STEP 10: Set aside and fold another half page. Follow the same procedure, using glue to seal the center folds together and another line of glue along one side of the folded page. Beginning at the end of the initial roll, begin rolling the new folded page around the core.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 10

STEP 11: This is a building process when producing the larger rolls for the cross and requires wrapping the newly folded pages around the core to make it grow larger and larger. As the core grows, wrap a rubber band around the resultant core to hold it together until the new page is folded and ready to glue on.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses, step 11

We used a 13oz. can of chicken breast to determine the size of the center roll for the cross. Once the roll grew to a size that it just fit into the top of the can, we began to work on the other 6 large rolls. These other 6 were of varying sizes. We also used an additional 14-18 small, "core" rolls to create the final cross shape.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine crosses

(This cross can be found at TipJunky.) We will post Pinterest Party Pics and our crosses next week!
Peace be with you!
~Sister #1


RECYCLED MAGAZINE BOXES with tutorial at "Abstract Octopus"

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine

OR this RECYCLED MAGAZINE BOWL made by gluing rolls around a balloon.

Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine bowl


  1. You're first ever post...sniff, sniff. I'm so proud!

  2. Any idea how many pages will make a large?

  3. now I know how to make the rolls, but how do I put it together in the shape of a cross?

    1. Lay them out in the pattern you want and glue them together. Then take some folded strips and glue them around the outer edges. Sorry there aren't photos of that, but you can kind of see us doing it here:

  4. very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I really wish you would put step by step directions on how to put them together. It's rather annoying to not have them and the picture isn't enough for me. I tried to look at tipjunky and that looked like a spammy page.

  6. How do you put the folded strips around the crosses? Do you overlap them? Do you use more than one layer? I'm right in the middle of this project, which looked really fun, until I realized the directions are not complete.

  7. Yes, we overlapped them. Whether you use more than one layer depends on how big and heavy the final cross will be. Start with one layer, and when it dries try to pick it up. If it is too flexible, use another layer. Your goal is to have a cross that will hang without sagging. Sorry that it seems as if the directions are incomplete, but every cross will be different.

  8. when/how do you use the modge podge?

  9. The link doesn't work. What do you attach the pieces glue stick or modge lodge?

  10. So do you make the middle first then the border? About how long does it take to make the circles? I am trying to do this for summer camp with 8-12 year olds. I was going to have them do a little each day.

    1. yes you make the middle first and then the border. How long really depends on how tight and how big will make the circles. Once you get that hang of it though, it goes very fast. I think you have a good plan. I would love to see what they make!

  11. What are the modge podge, clothes pins and paint brush used for? I'm pretty stoked to start this fun project!! Thank you for posting the instructions!


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