Monday, May 14, 2012

Top 10 (As Voted on by Teachers) Teacher Gifts

In a recent poll, 500 elementary school teachers were asked to name their favorite end-of-the-year gifts from students.  Here are their answers:

#10  Summer related gift (i.e. beach towel, hat, etc.)  
Coincidentally, in my last post I pictured an example of this.  Put together a bright beach towel, a magazine and a fun pair of sunglasses (like these from Hippi Fashionista) and tie it up with a ribbon!
#9  Personalized stationary
This is easy to find in any office supply store of gift store. You can also think ahead and get it printed before hand by any number of online printers.
#8  Magazine Subscription
You'll need to find out your teacher's interests for this one--but stay away from education magazines, even a travel magazine is preferable to a monthly reminder of work.
#7  Plant/flowers
A daily reminder that he/she is appreciated.
#6  Gift basket
Try to find a theme your teacher likes—for example, gardening or cooking.  You could make this yourself using a nice basket. 
#5  Gift Card to teacher supply store/office supply store/etc.
#4  Food
Food is always appreciated, but some teachers mentioned receiving frozen casseroles or hand delivered submarine sandwiches during the last week of school.
#3  Sincere thank you note
A handwritten letter from the parents expressing sincere appreciation.  Give a copy to the principal and the teacher (if you let him/her know) will be doubly thankful!
#2  Gift card for coffee
A standard, but always appreciated.
#1  Gift Card for restaurant
Many teachers mentioned this was appreciated because it allowed them to go out and celebrate the end of the school year.

Whatever you decide, it is bound to be appreciated--and the older your child is, the more the teacher will appreciate it.  Gifts for teachers in the 7th - 12th drop by 90 percent(!), so sending even a small token of appreciation to these teachers will be even more appreciated!

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  1. It's so true! I've been teaching for 8 years and these are definitely what we like!

  2. Wonderful gifts! I'm on year 21. NEVER give a gift of supplies for the classroom. That SHOULD be supplied by the school or parent. When in doubt-a gracious note from the heart is so welcome.

    1. i completely agree! In fact, I'm surprised that's not #1. I'm on year 15, and I have a folder called "memories." I don't have gift cards or pressed flowers, I have all the notes and cards given to me over the years.

  3. we do $25 Visa gift cards..they can go wherever they want!

  4. What a great parent you are! I'm sure they appreciate that!

  5. Gifts are great, but a thoughtful note is most appreciated :)

  6. My husband wrote a letter to our local newspaper thanking the staff.

    1. What a sweet thing to do! The teachers had to have been touched, I'm sure.


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