Friday, March 9, 2012

Secret Love for Oil Cloth

Recycled Crafts:  oil cloth bag
Pin It I love the beautiful colors -- I think I'm going to need one of these for the summer!
I have a secret love for oil cloth.  There us something about a fabric that can be wiped clean that speaks to my practical side, and I LOVE the fun patterns! 

Recycled Crafts:  oil cloth rolls
Just a few of the patterns you can find at Mums.  It's like oil cloth heaven!
Unfortunately, those fun patterns are hard to find except online, so when I stumbled onto (or into, lol) Mums in Fredericksburg, TX, I was wowed.

Recycled Crafts:  oil cloth rolls
Pin It Rolls and rolls of oil cloth.  See that pink paisley?  My favorite (at least one of my favorites, lol)!
"Mums, Bits for Body and Home" is a small shop on the main drag, tucked in amongst the historic buildings, wide sidewalks and quaint little courtyards of main street.  The store is run by three friends with a penchant for oil cloth, linen clothes and Dansko shoes.

Beautiful clothing and shoes aside, their selection of oil cloth is amazing.  After years of lamenting the lack of resources for this product, it was great to see the different patterns up close and personal.  

Recycled Crafts:  oil cloth bags
And spread throughout the store were items made from this wonderful cloth--tote bags, lunch bags, pillows, iPad cases and more--including an item I absolutely fell in love with:  an oil cloth covered booster chair.  

Recycled Crafts:  oil cloth booster chairs
Pin It Oil cloth covered booster chairs--how cute is that?!
There were at least a dozen different styles, and each one just as cute as the other. I happen to have one of these seats at home, so I picked out a couple of yards of some pink paisley. Another project to add to my ever-expanding list (although upholstery is not at the top of my talent list, so I might have been better off choosing one that had already been covered :).

lunch bags
Pin It Oil cloth lunch bags.
If you're ever in Fredericksburg, stop in at Mums and take a look.  You can also visit them online at  (They're on Facebook as well.)

Tell them Sister#2 sent you, and while you're there, try on a pair of Dansko shoes--you won't be disappointed!

Until next time,
~Sister #2

(Go Get Crafty!)


  1. Thanks so much for this post!!! I love oilcloth too, I had no idea about Mums! Gotta check them out the next time I go to Fredericksburg!! Thanks!!!

  2. What a fun and super informative blog!!! Thank you for including our store, Mums in your fabulous collection of creative resources. Happy Spring! Becky Reavis, Mums, Fredericksburg, TX

    1. Becky, your VM is full, message me at please!


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