Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Easter Basket Upcycle


I was co-hosting a baby shower recently and needed a small container to hold the game prizes.  I wanted something that the new mother might be able to use later, so I looked around my junk room studio and spied a leftover basket from last Easter.  This is why it's so hard to throw/gift things away--they can always be upcycled into something else!

This was a simple upcycle.  The handle was just glued in, so after a little wiggling it pulled right out.

Next came a coat of baby blue paint.

And finally, some beads to finish it off.  I threaded the beads onto some string, then pulled the string through to the inside and tied it off.

For a fast project (completed the night before the shower, lol) I think it turned out super cute.

Thanks for looking, and until next time,
Go Get Crafty Sister!
~Sister #1

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