Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Great Photo Board Books

I'd really like to make a photo board book for a special girl (you might have seen here in my post about printed fabric pillow dolls) whose mother is deployed to the Middle East.  I love using Mixbooks, and I've made several photo books through them (their scrapbooking software is very user friendly, and they have wonderful designers who are constantly coming up with new designs) so I naturally looked there first.

Collage of Photo board books from Memory Mixer
Personalized Board Books

Beautiful, right?  However, although they look awesome, the price tag is a little too 
steep for my budget right now.  So I set out looking for alternatives.  Below are some of the creative Board Books I came across in my search.

But first, I did come across this blank board book from Amazon.  I was tempted to buy it, because I couldn't bear the thought of destroying a book, but a quick trip to the thrift store uncovered a 
few that were headed to the trash bin.

So on with the inspiration... 
Recycled crafts:  ABC upcycled altered board book made with Modge Podge for kid's crafts and reading
ABC homemade board book
 Audrey from Audrey Pettit's Weblog created a 
nursery rhyme/ABC board book from a recycled kid’s meal toy.

Recycled crafts:  Upcycled altered board book about baby madle with Modge Podge and scrapbook papers
Homemade board book for baby
Katie created this board book to celebrate her child.  
You can see it over at Katies Nesting Spot
Recycled crafts:  upcycled altered word board book made with Modge Podge for child's first words
Homemade "first words" board book
I love this board book from Chef Messy that is making its rounds on Pinterest. 

Recycled crafts:  Upcycled altered board book of colors for child's first reading
Homemade board book of colors
Here's a cute altered board book I saw at Modge Podge Rocks.  (Love that site!)
Recycled crafts:  Upcycled altered board book of family
Family memories homemade board book

This one over at is really listed as an altered board book.  
Different name, same concept.  Same adorable-ness!

Recycled crafts:  Upcycled altered board book with father's face pasted on background
Homemade board book about Dad
Don't you just love this board book idea from  Dad's face is pasted on top of different "environments" cut out of magazines.

Recycled crafts:  upcycled altered baby board book with baby's first days
Baby's birth recorded in a homemade board book
Another homemade board book celebrating a child!  Oscar will love having this book read to him!  
You can see it, as well as one titled "Oscar's Black and White Book," over at Homemade By Jill.


  1. Great ideas. I nominated your blog for the Leibster Award. You can check it out on my blog.

  2. Great post! Thanks for including my little ABC baby book! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing my project with your readers! I hope it inspired you and others to make their own. It's such a fun project and one my daughter really enjoys looking through.


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