Friday, April 27, 2012

Eight Amazing DIY Potting Benches

As summer approaches and we are spending more and more time on the back porch, I keep thinking how one corner of that porch would be so much nicer with a potting bench--not to mention I'd have a place to put my gardening junk tools.  Check out these amazing benches created by some equally amazing bloggers--hopefully I'll be adding my own photo soon!

Robin at ROBINS NESTING PLACE made this DIY Potting Bench 
From Rummage Sale Junk.  No, I'm not kidding.

White DIY Potting Bench with shutters and scrap wood featured this potting bench made by cutting an old door in half and decorating it with old shutters and scrap lumber.

Recycled pallets DIY Potting Bench

This pallet potting bench was featured over at  Love its simplicity.

Old work bench turned into a blue Potting Bench featured this potting bench showing the transformation
of a work bench into a potting bench.  Cool!

Old cabinet turned into a Potting Bench
This potting bench featured at really caught my eye.  
I love the muted earthy colors and sturdy construction.

Wood potting bench

Pamela, along with her very handy hubby, built this potting bench in a matter of hours.  She has some great pictures showing how it all came together.

White Potting Bench with wire back

DIY Potting Bench with drawer with spade handle
This very cool potting bench was featured at Centsational Girl.  I love the spade handle!  Mine will definitely have to have a drawer so I can do this.

Potting Bench with Recycled doors
This pimped out potting bench over at the Village Garden Web is full of colorful details. 
I love that she upcycled not one, but two doors for the back.

Thanks for looking, and until next time...
Go Get Crafty, Sister!
~Sister #1


  1. I love your potting benches. I want one so bad. Maybe someday. I love how Pamela and hubby used the shovel as a handle, that is so fitting and cool. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful potting benches. Pinning and sharing.

  2. Oops sorry it was the one featured at Centsational Girl.But Pamela and hubby's is really nice to. They all are.


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